What They’re Saying

You, Linda, have created an incredible place.  It’s magical.  – Marissa and Leah Bartlet


Dear Ms. Kick-
On behalf of the Gingerbread Committee and the families we proudly serve, please accept our sincerest thanks for the gingerbread house you donated. We hope you join us again next year

Sweet regards,
Renea Williams
Director of Development
St Stephen’s Community House

Thank you for the FANTASTIC Halloween cake and cupcakes you made for our wedding on October 18th. The cake was a big hit with our guests, both in design and taste! A few people even asked for your address.

Thanks again!
Eileen and Mark

Thanks you for creating such a beautiful and yummy cake for our wedding. Everyone LOVED it. It was wonderful working with you.
Thanks again,
Matt and Amanda

Thanks so much for having us at your shop a few weeks ago. Although we’re all in our twenties; the cupcake bar was so much fun! It was a great girls outing. Attached are the pictures you asked for-I hope that you’ll be able to use them!

Thanks again & we’ll be back soon!
-Kayla, Jamie, Charissa, Tricia and Rachel

Dear Linda,

In this culture of “hands off” service styles- which we, as patrons, are assured is intended to bring ease and relief to the hectic pace of our lives; yours, or rather Our Cupcakery is a beacon of hope, that not all conveniences of modern day life must come with a sneeze guard and a self serve approach.

While thrilled about giving my own overworked oven a rest, I am happy to tell you that my disappointment with the service industry also takes hiatus when placing an order for your delectable confections. Your customer service standards are equal only to the delicious tastes that abound from your kitchen!

It sounds like such a simple concept, a cupcake; it is simple, but only in size. And although the stresses of running a small business during these economic times are great, I wanted to assure you of my gratitude, not only for your commitment to excellence in your product and service, but also for what I have learned by becoming your customer. That sometimes it’s nice to slow down my too busy and hectic life, always in pursuit of my piece of the pie and instead enjoy a cupcake.

-Scott Mclaughlin and Brian Gillespie
Neighbors and grateful patrons of Our Cupcakery