Decorating Kits

Our cupcake and cookie kits are a great activity for kids and adults of all ages … and take a bit of the stress of the season off your shoulders.

Call 614-659-1555 or email to place your order. Custom or individual cupcake kit also available. Preorders required!

Everyday Cupcake Decorating Kits 🧁🥳

We are currently offering take home cupcake kits in 2 themes:

Primary with red, blue and yellow buttercream
Unicorn with pink, teal and yellow buttercream

(OR Customize your own Kits!)

6 cupcakes
3 colored buttercream bags
A bag of sprinkles
Each kit is $28








Frozen Winter Cupcake Decorating Kit

$28 each
Includes 6 cupcakes
3 icing bags of frosting
Snowflake winter sprinkle mix
Paper towel square for embossing a design in the frosting
Popsicle stick for spreading frosting









Valentines Cookie Decorating Kits

Plan a family or date night to make Valentine’s cookies.

Valentine Conversation Sweetheart Cookie Kit $32
16 oz of Our CupCakery Sugar Cookie dough (about 12 cookies)
Heart cookie cutter
3 bags of colored rolled buttercream to roll, cut and lay on cookies
1 bag of red royal frosting to pipe messages on your Sweetheart cookie.










Skip the cutting and baking and just get the Valentines Cookie Kit $30

6 baked cookies
3 bags of frosting
Sprinkle mix
Popsicle stick for spreading frosting
Paper towel square for embossing heats into buttercream








Summer Fun Cookie Kit!

6 cookies
3 bags of frosting
Sugar palm tree and decorative sugar “sand” to create a beach theme, unicorn, or whatever your creativity allows.
$30 per kit