Teen Baking Camp

New this year … Three day Teen Baking Camp

Pastry brings people and cultures together. This summer we will make popular pastries from different countries.

Italy: We will start our pastry and dessert tour in Italy. You will learn how to make Tiramisu (mocha soaked lady fingers layered with a mascarpone cream and chocolate) and Italian lemon cookies (these cookies have a lemon icing on them).

France: French pastry is the king in the pastry world and while we dive right in by making Pate a Choux. This is basic French dough that can be piped to make anything from a cream puff to a chocolate éclair.

Greece: Phyllo dough is the dough of choice in Greece when it comes to pastry. You will work with this paper-thin dough to make Baklava- “Ohio” style.

Belgium: You will learn to make Belgian Beignets (fried donuts) and Chocolate crepes, served with ice cream will be on the menu.

Mexico: Who does not like a warm churro dusted with cinnamon sugar? Churros are made from fried Pate a Choux dough then rolled in cinnamon sugar. Our final dessert will be the famous
Tres Leche Cake (sponge cake soaked in milks) and served with whipped cream.

June 11-13 (Monday-Wednesday)
Ages 12-16 9:30-3:00

Payment in full is expected at the time of registration and is non-refundable after 5/1/18.
Let us know at the time of registration if your child has any food allergies or other special needs. Bring a lunch each day, bring an apron, wear closed toed shoes, and tie long hair back.

Registration can be found on Eventbrite.com starting 2-20-18.

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